Integrating with credit bureaus and managing borrower credit reporting can be extremely time-consuming and complex. Canopy has simplified and automated this task for you by partnering with Bloom Credit.
When you opt-in to have Canopy handle your credit reporting needs, you simply provide a few additional fields and Canopy will do the rest.

How It Works

  1. After Bloom support is enabled for your Canopy environment, configure Credit Reporting for your environment by using the Configure Credit Reporting endpoint (only the following fields are required):
    1. json
      "metro2_config": { "bloom_api_credentials": { "client_id": "YOUR_BLOOM_CLIENT_ID", "client_secret": "YOUR_BLOOM_CLIENT_SECRET" } }
  1. When creating a customer, account, or product within Canopy’s system, simply include the metro2_config fields as shown in the example below.
    1. json
      "metro2_config": { "bloom_metadata": { "branch_identifier": "string", "primary_designation": "AUTHORIZED_USER" } }
      Canopy API Metro2 Configuration Fields
  1. Canopy will immediately pass these values on upon creation to be registered with Bloom Credit.
  1. Additionally, when statements are generated for your accounts, Canopy will automatically calculate and format your data to be sent to Bloom Credit.
    1. 💡If Bloom finds an error with configuration values, these will be delivered back to you via the Canopy webhook system
  1. Bloom Credit will automatically handle formatting and sharing the necessary data with the credit bureaus.