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Onboarding a Borrower

Onboarding a borrower consists of two API calls:
  1. Create a customer (static data like name, email, etc) This is used for both B2C and B2B borrowers.
  1. Create an account (computational data like interest rate, loan amount, etc) This is used for Revolving lines of credit, Installment loans, and Hybrid-type loan agreements.
In the Create Account API call, you will need to link the customer ID from the Create Customer API call. If you are using one of Canopy’s out-of-the-box front-ends, unlinked Customers and unlinked Accounts will not be visible in the UI.
We strongly recommend getting started on your first day in the Sandbox by just onboarding a borrower with a very basic sample payload. Once you’ve onboarded a borrower and understand the core workflow, you can use our policy configuration guide to figure out how to enforce the actual key behavior you want to see in the system.

Example: Create Customer Payload

POST /customers
{ "customer_id": "<ID from your origination system>", "address_line_one": "12 Strawberry Road", "address_line_two": "Suite 101", "address_city": "Atlanta", "address_state": "GA", "address_zip": "99999-1000", "address_country_code": "US", "name_prefix": "Dr.", "name_first": "Miriam", "name_middle": "Louise", "name_last": "Trevino", "name_suffix": "Jr", "passport": { "number": "string", "country": "JP" }, "customer_type": "person", "verification_status": "verified", "title": "CFO", "phone_number": "+14105556789", "ssn": "888888888", "international_customer_id": "9999999999", "email": "marissa@protonmail.com", "date_of_birth": "1985-06-20", } }

Example: Create Account Payload

POST /accounts
{ "effective_at": "2016-11-27T13:19:56+00:00", -- date of origination; defaults to current time "account_id": "<ID from your origination system>", "product_id": "<product ID>", -- ID from the create product call above "cycle_type": { "late_fee_grace": "0 days" }, "summary": { "credit_limit_cents": 250000, "max_approved_credit_limit_cents": 250000, "late_fee_cents": 0, "payment_reversal_fee_cents": 0, "origination_fee_cents": 0, "origination_fee_percent": 0, "is_origination_fee_lesser_value": false, "is_origination_fee_amortized": false, "annual_fee_cents": 0, "monthly_fee_cents": 0, "initial_principal_cents": 0, -- If you'd like to onboard the account with an installment loan pre-loaded }, "promo_overview": { "promo_len": 99999, "promo_min_pay_type": "AM", "promo_min_pay_floor_cents": 0, "promo_purchase_window_len": 999999, "promo_min_pay_percent": 100, "promo_impl_interest_rate_percent": 0 }, "post_promo_overview": { }, "assign_customers": [ { "customer_id": "<customer ID from previous step>", "customer_account_role": "PRIMARY", "customer_account_external_id": "" } ] }