DataDirect: Getting Started

1. Access Your Credentials

Your DataDirect credentials can be retrieved via the following API call:
GET /organization/data_direct
The response will be formatted as follows:
{ "host": "***********.amazonaws.com", "password": "**********", "port": 5432, "username": "*********" }

2. Connect

From your preferred database querying tool, start a new PostgreSQL connection.
Example free querying tool: DBeaver
You should be prompted with a form to enter in the credential information you received in the call you made above.

Query Your Data

Now that you have connected DataDirect to your query tool of choice and are aware of which entities you can query, you’re ready to begin building your own queries! Below are the entities available along with their related fields.

Entity Relationships

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Available Entities and Fields

Line Items
Amortization Schedule
Statement Line Items
Card Transactions

Pre-built Reports

Pre-built reports within DataDirect are reports common to lending operations that we have pre-written the SQL and surfaced in table form for ease of use. It’s important to note that because these are strictly pre-written and run SQL queries, they are distinctly different than the other entities within DataDirect.
Delinquency Report