Debit Card

A debit or prepaid card model can be used to issue a preset amount of funding to your customers as they sign up for your services Canopy will create accounts with preconfigured limits as users sign up, and track debit account usage by the customer through the account's lifetime.

For card-based programs, Canopy supports direct integration with card issuer processors for direct updates on cards from the processor as they are used. See more about our issuer-processor-integrations.

Debit Card Product Creation#

This is a sample debit card product setup on Canopy. When an account is created for a customer against this product, the customer will be able to make purchases up to the credit limit of the account. Further customizations can be made to model your unique debit product - see more options under Product Config Tips and Tricks

Simple Debit Card Product: Setup Example
"effective_at": "1900-01-01T12:00:00+00:00",
"external_product_id": "{{$randomInt}}",
"product_overview": {
"product_name": "Your Debit Card",
"product_type": "REVOLVING",
"product_short_description": "Debit card.",
"product_long_description": "Debit card",
"product_color": "#0000FF"
"product_lifecycle_policies": {
"default_attributes": {
"default_credit_limit_cents": 5000
"promotional_policies": {
"promo_len": 99999,
"promo_min_type": "NONE",
"promo_min_pay_percent": 0
"post_promotional_policies": {

Debit Card Servicing#

As your users put charges onto their debit cards, post their transactions to the Canopy system of records as line item charges. The following call can be made to post a twenty dollar debit card swipe.

POST /accounts/{account_id}/line_items/charges
"line_item_status": "VALID",
"original_amount_cents": 2000,
"effective_at": "2020-07-20T09:11:28+00:00",
"merchant_data": {
"name": "General Supplies Co.",
"id": "123",
"mcc_code": 42.0

At any point, the real-time status of the customer's account can be retrieved with a GET account call.

GET /accounts/{account_id} sample response: summary node
"summary": {
"total_balance_cents": 20,
"principal_cents": 20,
"interest_balance_cents": 0,
"am_interest_balance_cents": 0,
"deferred_interest_balance_cents": 0,
"am_deferred_interest_balance_cents": 0,
"total_paid_to_date_cents": 0,
"total_interest_paid_to_date_cents": 0,
"credit_limit_cents": 5000,
"max_approved_credit_limit_cents": 5000,
"interest_rate_percent": 0,
"available_credit_cents": 4980,
"open_to_buy_cents": 0,
"total_payoff_cents": 20,
"late_fee_cap_percent": 0,
"payment_reversal_fee_cap_percent": 0

The following key fields describe the status of the debit card account:

credit_limit_cents - total amount of funding that was made available on the debit card.

available_credit_cents - available funds remaining on the debit card.

total_balance_cents - total amount spent by the customer with the debit card.

To learn more about options available for product creation, and other information that you can send and retrieve for an account, check out Configuration Tips for Products.