Revolving Line Of Credit

Revolving lines of credit make sense for borrowers who need access to capital with a flexible spend pattern. Through Canopy, you can rapidly set up Revolving LOC programs that are ready to start onboarding borrowers.

For card-based programs, you can take full advantage of our Revolving LOC solutions by additionally leveraging one of our popular issuer-processor-integrations.

Example: Basic Revolving Line of Credit#

If you'd like to be a bit more advanced and figure out the many ways to tweak the configurations of your product, you can check out our Product Config Tips and Tricks. This lets you do fancy things like:

  • Charge various fee structures for borrowers
  • Set grace periods for missed payment penalties
  • Automate account status changes for late payments
  • And more!

Revolving Line of Credit: Request Payload Example
"effective_at": "1900-01-01T12:00:00+00:00",
"external_product_id": "", // Some ID unique to your system (optional)
"product_overview": {
"product_name": "Revolving LOC Card Example",
"product_type": "REVOLVING",
"product_short_description": "rloc",
"product_long_description": "B2C Revolving LOC.",
"product_color": "#0000FF"
"product_lifecycle_policies": {
"billing_cycle_policies": {
"cycle_interval": "1 month",
"cycle_due_interval": "25 days"
"default_attributes": {
"default_credit_limit_cents": 600000
"promotional_policies": {
"promo_len": 999999,
"promo_min_pay_type": "PERCENT_INTEREST"
"post_promotional_policies": {}

To learn more about why we chose these specific configurations, check out Configuration Tips for Products.