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LoanLab FAQs

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What does the purple Simulation Environment mean?
I don’t see a LoanLab option in my environment menu?
Is this going to affect my other accounts?

Create Account

Where is the list of products coming from?
How can I see what the product configuration it set to?
What if I want to test a new product not listed?
Why do I not see my product as an option?
What are the values there by default when creating the simulation account?
What do the account setup inputs map to in Canopy’s create account API call?

Action Timeline

Why can I only pick certain dates when I add an action?
What are each of the actions?
Why can’t I add an action?
How can I edit or delete an action?
I clicked Play on one action and it started playing other actions.
Why do I only see a certain number of cycles?

View Account

How do I test automated delinquency and charge-off behavior?