For any revolving line of credit in Canopy, you can now add new loans with the Create Loan endpoint.
Creating a New Loan
API Reference
{ "line_item_id": "0x1234", -- if not passed, we will auto-generate one "line_item_status": "VALID", -- see https://learn.canopyservicing.com/developers-hub/key-concepts/accounts/line-item-status "original_amount_cents": 200, -- starting principal balance "interest_policies": { -- you may choose to include interest "interest_percent": 2.34, "is_limited_to_loan_duration": true }, "effective_at": "2020-07-20T09:11:28+00:00", "am_len": 4, -- term or duration of the loan in cycles "description": "Personal LOC Draw", "fee_policies": { -- you may choose to apply a fee structure with the loan "origination_fee_cents": 2000, "origination_fee_percent": 2.34, "is_origination_fee_lesser_value": false, "is_origination_fee_amortized": false }, "merchant_data": { -- optional direct point of purchase metadata "name": "string", "id": "string", "mcc_code": "string", "phone_number": "string" }, "issuer_processor_metadata": { -- used by Canopy's issuer processor integrations "lithic": { "last_four": "string" } }, "external_fields": [ -- optional arbitrary metadata { "key": "Globex Card Processing Account ID", "value": "22445702-a389-431f-927d-07b8d0750787" } ] }

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