Workflow Automation

Workflow automations allow you to seemlessly automate callbacks, promotions, emails, SMS, and more. CanopyOS's Automations UI makes configuring and managing complex workflows a breeze.


CanopyOS Automations Screenshot

Automations are made up of Filters that tell us which accounts you want to work with, and a workflow which tells us a set of actions you want to complete for those accounts.


CanopyOS Automations Screenshot

Filters tell us which accounts you want to work with. For example if you wanted to just work with Accounts that are enrolled on a specific product or are active in a specific zipcode or state.


CanopyOS Automations Screenshot

Workflows are a set of actions that you want to take for the given filter and when you want that action to happen. For example (using your sendgrid integration) call sendgrid to send a specific email template.

Automation Examples#

Customer Communication: Promotions#

Click through the steps in the image below to see an example of an Automation where you want Canopy to automatically notify specific customers via email and SMS that they are eligible for a promo based on their payment history, location, and current product.

Customer Communication: Payment Reminders#

Here is an example of using Automations to send Payment reminders to folks based on which product they are enrolled in, their payment history, and their calculated likelihood of repayment.

Account Modification: Fee Waiver#

Automatically apply a Covid Promotion, automatically waiving interest and fees for 90 days for the impacted accounts.

Account Modification: Status Changes#

Easily create or edit the rules that create automated status changes, for example using a pre-delinquent workflow that waits 5 days and sends various messages before marking an account as delinquent.

CanopyOS Automations Screenshot

Internal Company Notifications#

Create callbacks or notificaitons for any given event for a given filter. For example, notify our risk team whenever someone misses a payment.