CRM Integrations

Canopy contains a significant portion of the data needed to handle customer support that is essential throughout the lifeline of loans or revolving lending programs you provide to borrowers. Accordingly, Canopy plays a major role in the way you resolve issues and improve borrower experience. This includes the process for accessing information within Canopy, as well as the process for updating Canopy. For instance, updating a borrower's credit limit once they are approved, or setting their account status to suspended upon notification of fraud.

Depending on the workflow:#

Canopy Baseline CRM#

Canopy as a baseline CRM works well for small teams who haven't yet developed sophisticated servicing workflows to handle lending at scale. It helps your team get started and figure out the best long-term servicing workflow for you.


As teams scale, we recommend using our out-of-the-box Zendesk integration to help you manage queuing and customer communication for your customer support teams. Zendesk offers a vast feature-set to let you customize your customer support strategy, and the Canopy-Zendesk app ensures that your agents have all the data and capabilities of Canopy at their fingertips when conducting customer support.

Custom Integration#

Of course, some large teams may have highly nuanced workflows that require their own servicing core. As an API-first platform, Canopy can be easily integrated with your own servicing software, and we have a wide set of best-practices to make the task as straightforward as possible!