Integrating Sendgrid

If you are using SendGrid to manage customer communication, then integrating Canopy to trigger the sending of emails is a simple no code configuration exercise. By utilizing Canopy's event notifications and your SendGrid dynamic transactional templates we can enhance the borrower communication experience and automatically notify them at specific events. To begin, contact Canopy Support and we will schedule a call with you to configure this together. Prior to our call, please review the following Canopy events and think about which events map to your existing email communications plan, and which could be utilized to enhance it even more.

Supported Events#

Account Callbacks#

  • Account is overdue
  • Change has been made to account object
  • Change has been made to Customer object enrolled on this account (address/phone/email/etc) promotion has been applied or ended
  • Account status has changed

Account Balance#

  • Change in principal balance
  • Change in balance
  • Change in credit limit util


  • Payment has been processed
  • Payment is late

Line items#

  • New line item: A charge, fee, payment, fee waiver, dispute, or offset has been added to this account

Line items (Loans)#

  • A new loan has been issued
  • A loan has been repaid
  • A loan has been modified


  • Loan Tapes are available
  • Statements are available

For our call you will need to be logged in as an admin user on your SendGrid account in order to provide Canopy with the email template IDs, the variables that are being passed into the them, and to create a read only API key in your SendGrid for our service to use.