Email Campaigns

Using Canopy's workflow automations, you can trigger automated emails for nearly any event via Sendgrid. It only takes minutes to set up, and is easily managed through the CanopyOS UI.

Setting Up Your Sendgrid Integration#

In the integrations tab of the Canopy Dashboard, or through the CanopyAPI, you can configure your organization to take advantage of Canopy's out-of-the-box Sendgrid integration. Simply configure your Sendgrid API keys in Canopy via the /organization/communications, and your Sendgrid account now has access to all events triggered from Canopy.

Using Customized Templates#

All events in Canopy can be paired with one or more sendgrid "template IDs". Simply pass us the template ID to associate with an event, and we will leverage that template when communicating with borrowers on notification of the event. Examples of events are payment due notifications or changes to an account.

Using Dynamic Variables#

All events in Canopy also have a defined set of parameters they will expose to your Sendgrid template. Simply leverage these parameters within the HTML constructed templates in your Sendgrid dashboard, and their values will be automatically populated by Canopy.

Check out our video tutorial on combining our Sendgrid integration with our Automations framework to construct customizable email campaigns!

Automations are made up of Filters that tell us which accounts you want to work with, and a workflow which tells us a set of actions you want to complete for those accounts.