Customize Canopy Zendesk App

Why Fork The App?#

Different businesses use Zendesk differently. Canopy's out-of-the-box official app is meant to provide a generalized option that makes sense for most businesses servicing loans. However, depending on your business model, your use of Canopy may vary. Perhaps only certain fields or actions are relevant to your agents, or perhaps your agents have very specific roles and permissions that make sense for your business model.

Canopy's Zendesk app is intuitively written using Typescript and React; most development teams experienced with these technologies should have no trouble modifying the baseline source code into a solution that works best for your business to scale its servicing core.

Once you have created a version of the app unique to your business, you can upload it into your company's Zendesk account as a "private" application in the "My Apps" section of the Zendesk dashboard, and it will be immediately available to your teams.

How To Fork The App#

In the near-future, Canopy will open-source our Zendesk app. Until then, feel free to reach out to our team if you are interested in forking the app to create your own custom version.