Workflows And Handling Support Tickets

Check out our video tutorial on leveraging Canopy's Zendesk application in a standard customer servicing and communications workflow.

Setting Up Zendesk With Your Agents#

Zendesk has a sophisticated range of opportunities for advanced customer service workflows, but also offers easy, quick-start, highly scalable customer service tooling. Through Zendesk's quickstart tutorial, it should be easy to:

  • Invite your servicing team to start managing queues -- assign them roles and permissions as needed.
  • Set up multiple easy-to-use communications streams with customers -- any communication pipelines your customers prefer stream directly to your Zendesk instance.
  • Set up groups to handle certain types of tickets.
  • You can also define business rules to set up custom workflows; automatically sequester tickets to the right team.

Using Canopy In Your Workflows#

Next, follow our installation guide to make sure that Canopy's API is readily accessible to your agents. This will let them access account data, and perform any actions that are necessary as part of the support ticket, such as editing account details, scheduling payments, or gathering information necessary for communicating with the customer.