Installing Canopy Zendesk App

Check out our video tutorial on installing the Canopy Zendesk app from the Zendesk app marketplace, and setting it up to connect directly with Canopy.

Access the official Canopy Zendesk app directly from the Zendesk App Marketplace.

Once you have downloaded the Canopy app into your Zendesk instance, you can populate your credentials accessible from the 'App Keys' section of the Canopy dashboard into the 'Manage' section of the Canopy-Zendesk app. Simply enable the Canopy app for the roles you wish to support.

Out of the box, the public version of the Canopy-Zendesk app has basic rules and restrictions on the servicing experience. For further customization, by forking the Canopy Zendesk App, you can also set any custom roles and restrictions you would like for Agents using the app.

Your team is now ready to start handling support tickets with the assistance of Canopy!