Credit Reporting

All credit bureaus expect account status reports in the form of Metro2 files. See the CRRG guide. Canopy will provide the data so that you can submit Metro2 files for all your consumer accounts.

** Canopy does not yet support direct submission of consumer credit reports to the credit bureaus.

This will be a short introductory guide to prepare your organization for credit report generation, and how a developer can pull reporting data and submit Metro2 reports to credit bureaus via Credit Manager 5 (CM5), a stand-alone credit reporting tool. We rely on CM5 to format and validate the consumer data into the Metro2 format.

1. Create a Canopy Organization#

Before anything else, you'll need to sign up for Canopy. This can be done completely self-service by creating an account at

2. Configure your organization to save credit reports.#

By sending a request to the Update Organization Credit Report Config endpoint, you are enabling credit reporting for all accounts in your organization. At present, the values themselves are not yet used, and thus can be anything. They will, however, show up as fields in your reports. Once Canopy generate Metro2 reports, these will be used accordingly.

A report will also be generated every time a statement is recorded.

We provide all necessary fields to accurately report an account. See docs for all currently available fields.

As we continue to expand our reporting feature, you will be able to confidently report the many different and complex account statuses according to the Metro2 specification.

3. Generate and read a report#

Assuming that your organization is now configured, generate an account statement. You can immediately create statements for an account by backdating the effective_at field when you create an account. After a minute, our system will "catch up" your account to present time and generate all statements and more importantly, credit reports, up to present time.

Use the Get Reports List endpoint to see all reports that was generated for the chosen account. We expect at least one report in our results.

Grab the report id and send a request to Get Report endpoint to see all available fields particular to that report.

4. Convert reports into a CSV, and then upload into CM5.#

This step requires the CM5 software and a general understanding of CSV.

See the video below for a quick example of how we upload a CSV into CM5. We coerce the data from the API into a CSV with all desired columns. In the video, we used a JS lib csv-stringify to build our CSV.

To submit a credit report to a credit bureau, you must have a vali d subscriber code. However, we are not restricted from importing reports into CM5 as an exercise.

Because Canopy cannot yet submit reports on your behalf, it is your responsibility to ensure your accounts are successfully reported. We will do our best to ensure that all fields meet Metro2 specs. In the future, we will also manage your report generation and submission. Stay tuned!