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What is DataDirect?

After Canopy’s computation engine has run, the resulting output data can be accessed in a number of different ways. DataDirect is the recommended method for analytical consumption of your data, meaning it is best suited for reports and business decisions as opposed to using the data for operational business processes. It is a read-only PostgreSQL database connection that allows you to query your data in bulk in near real-time.

What data is included?

DataDirect gives you the ability to access your account, customer, line item, statements, amortization schedule, cards and card transaction entities through a database connection. The data structure used for DataDirect closely mimics the data structure surfaced from the API, making it familiar and simple to query and write SQL against. See the DataDirect Getting Started Guide for more specifics on what tables and fields are included.
DataDirect is near real-time with changes being surfaced after approximately one hour.
In addition to the entities mentioned above, DataDirect also surfaces some key prebuilt reports. To get you started, Canopy has created a delinquency report which identifies how many days past due an account is and what delinquency bucket they are currently in.

Use Cases

DataDirect is ideal for analytical consumption and accessing data in bulk. Examples of this include:
  1. Ad-hoc SQL querying
  1. Report generation
  1. Admin dashboards
  1. Business Intelligence solutions
DataDirect data can help you answer questions such as:
  1. Which customers are paying in full each month?
  1. What strategies produce the highest repayment rates?
  1. Where is my highest cost of servicing coming from?
Connect to Your Preferred BI Solution
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Query Your Data Directly
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DataDirect vs API Requests

DataDirect was designed to solve a few key points over the API approach:
DataDirect solves the problem of having to make multiple API calls and having to store the data off in order to query it.

Data Consumption Comparison

As mentioned, DataDirect is recommended for analytical consumption. For clarity, here are the additional methods Canopy provides as options for accessing your output data and their individual use cases:
Web Hooks
API Calls
Borrower Portal
Bulk consumption of your data. Ideal for reporting and data analytics. Near real-time.
Ideal for event based triggers Example: Needing to send an email or text when a borrower misses a payment.
Ideal for operational consumption. Real-time.
Web interface for internal employees such as customer service representatives to service your borrowers.
White-labeled web interface for your borrowers to view their account data and make payments.

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