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Go-live Checklist

Core Services


Canopy will act as your system of record and keep your entire system in sync across all platforms. The vast majority of your initial setup in Canopy is no-code and should only take a single developer a couple of hours to complete a basic setup of both product and account creation. See: Core Workflows
Low-Code  Avg. Developer Time: 4 Hours

Decision Engine

Most of our clients opt to build their own custom decision engine or manual workflow, but Canopy also works just as well with 3rd party decision software. Once a customer has been approved, your system of choice will send the new account information to CanopyAPI to then create and maintain the account within Canopy.See: Decision Engine Setup
Low-Code  Avg. Developer Time: 3 Hours

Payment Processor

A payment processor is mandatory to receive payments from your customers. Canopy works great with any payment processor, however, we do offer pre-built integrations with six payment processors as a no-code solution to integrate a processor. See: Payment Processor Setup
No-Code  Configuration Time: 30 Mins

Issuer Processor

If you are building a product that involves card activity, you may need an issuer processor to issue a digital and/or physical card for your newly onboarded customer. Canopy works great with any issuer processor, but we also offer pre-built integration options with Lithic and Galileo for a quick and easy no-code setup.See: Issuer Processor Setup
No-Code  Configuration Time: 30 Mins

Non-Critical Services

Customer Communications

More likely than not, you will want to send automated communication to your customers regarding things like account balance, statement generation, and payment confirmation. Canopy integrates easily with most popular communication services such as Sendgrid, Mailchimp, Twilio, Intercom, and dozens more. Contact our team to see a demo of customer communication systems working elegantly in action.
No-Code  Configuration Time: 30 Mins

Consumer Dashboard UI

Your customers probably expect a web dashboard to manage their account and make payments. Connecting your new or existing UI Dashboard to display real-time account data and post payments via CanopyAPI is as easy as a single API call and rendering what you need.
Low-Code  Avg. Developer Time: Variable depending on business

Customer Support Software

CanopyOS comes with a powerful built-in customer account management UI that should work out of the box for most clients. For our clients who have existing CRM tools in place, Canopy was designed to share customer data seamlessly to other popular CRM tools such as Zendesk, Salesforce, Help Scout, Freshdesk, and more. For our clients who use Zendesk, we have a pre-built Zendesk App that requires no code to set up.
No-Code  Configuration Time: 30 Mins